“Hand Wash Only's vision is that every car deserves to be cleaned with care and attention.'”

UIt liefde voor de auto

Hand Wash only

Car enthusiasts can't stop discussing it. Which is better? The car wash or hand washing? Opinions are divided.

De visie van Hand Wash Only is dat elke auto het verdient om met zorg en aandacht gereinigd te worden. Deze zorg en aandacht voor je bolide kan alleen jij geven! Want als de auto met de hand gewassen wordt, kom je ook op plaatsen waar de wasstraat niet bij kan komen, zoals deurdorpels of wielkasten.

The bottom line is that the car benefits from being regularly hand cleaned and washed, both inside and out. No car wash can give your car a longer-lasting shine than when it is washed by hand.

Of course, a good wash is a bit more than just a quick application of some soap and water. Unless you like a streaky look after the water dries. You will indeed have to put a little more effort into washing your car. It takes a little more time, but the end result, if you do it the right way is stunning. 

Wat is de juiste Manier
om de auto met de hand te wassen?

In 7 steps


The best place to wash your car is in the shade. So make sure the car is in the shade. Washing your car in the (full) sun is not a good idea, the heat dries the water with soap solution faster than you can rinse. This will only give you soap and water stains.


Coarse dirt
Before you start washing, spray the coarse dirt off the car. This can be done with a pressure washer or a garden hose with a spray gun. Make sure there is enough distance between the nozzle of the pressure washer or spray gun and the body of the car, so as not to damage the paint unnecessarily. For a heavily soiled car, you can use a foam so that the dirt is soaked off faster. And of course, don't forget the underside and wheel wells of the car.


Two buckets
Use two different buckets. The first bucket is the wash bucket and second is the rinse bucket. Fill the wash bucket with water and a car shampoo, fill the rinse bucket with lukewarm water. It is best to use what is called a Smart Guard bucket. The Smart Guard removes dirt from the washing glove during car washing by simply rubbing the glove over the Smart Guard. In addition, the Guard ensures that the dirt stays at the bottom of the bucket and cannot get back into the washing glove.


Wash Glove
Wash with a wash mitt and not a sponge. Dirt and sand can get into the small openings of the sponge, causing scratches. With the wash mitt, you can also distribute the force better because it has the shape of your hand. Always wash your car from top to bottom and back to front. Always wash your car lengthwise. Rotating movements cause so-called swirls in the paintwork.


To clean your rims, use a special rim cleaner and rim brush. Rim cleaner has a more powerful formula than normal car shampoo. This makes removing brake dust and deposits faster and easier. The rim brush allows you to clean the hard-to-reach areas of the rim.


Rinse everything thoroughly at low pressure. Just let gravity do its job, start from the top of the car and slowly work your way down.


Finally, dry the car. Drying the car is done with a microfiber drying cloth. It effortlessly dries the largest surfaces. The soft tech fibers are highly absorbent and absorb every drop of water for streak-free results. The drying cloth helps to prevent water stains.
Did you know...

27% de auto het liefst thuis wast.

26% één keer per maand de auto wast. Prijs de voornaamste reden is waarom men de auto thuis wast.

Men vindt dat met de hand wassen de auto schoner wordt.

Men zich beter voelt in een schonere auto.

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Hardnekkige vlekken op autolak verwijderen? Zoals teer, hars of vogelpoep? We leggen hieronder uit wat je het beste kan doen.

Dead insects
Remove dead insects on paintwork, glass and plastic quickly and effectively with insect cleaner and insect sponge. Just let it soak in and remove with the bug sponge. There are bug sponges for sale with a hard and soft side. The hard side can be used for unpainted plastic and glass, the soft side for paintwork.
Bird poop
Bird droppings are nasty stuff. It contains acids that are disastrous for car paint and corrode the paint. If you have just had bird droppings on your car, remove them as quickly as possible with plenty of lukewarm water. If the bird droppings have been on the car for some time, use a soft sponge and put it on the car for a while. Then dab it off and do not rub! Hard pieces may make scratches.
Resin is difficult to remove from the car, especially if the resin has been on it for a while and has hardened. Resin comes from certain types of trees, such as conifers or coniferous trees. Prevention is better than cure. So it's best not to park your car under these trees, but of course this is not always possible. Still have a resin stain on the car? Resin is virtually impossible to remove with water and shampoo. There are special resin removers that know how to tackle these stains thoroughly. Apply the resin remover to a damp cloth or applicator pad and dab it on the resin stain until it can be easily rubbed away.
Tar stains, like resin stains, are difficult to remove from the car. Just a water and shampoo is not enough to master these stains. A special tar remover is the solution. Besides tar, oil and grease stains can also be dealt with. Tar remover can be used on paint, plastic, rims and windows. Always work with small areas at a time. After application, let it soak in for a few seconds and wipe off thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth.
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